Jan Fabel

Software developer from hamburg, Germany

01. What u should know about me


About me 👋🏼

I’m Jan Fabel, a 20-year-old software developer living in Hamburg, Germany,
specializing in iOS research and development.
I started my coding journey at the age of 14, alongside my love for inline hockey.
Balancing a unique school experience focused on programming,
I quickly developed a passion for coding.

What do I work? 👨🏼‍💻

With a focus on iOS research & development, I excel in Swift, Objective-C, and C.
I enjoy reverse-engineering the system of  devices and creating tools to run several tests and hacks on iDevices.
Next to iOS RE and app development, I’m also working on APIs and web-related development tasks.

Why coding? ✈️

Coding has opened up opportunities to work remotely from anywhere in the world, which aligns perfectly with my love for traveling. Through digital work, I’ve connected with people worldwide, both in and outside the tech industry.
In addition to that, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to me.
I prioritize daily gym sessions and outdoor cardio like running. Staying physically fit boosts my productivity and overall well-being.

Anything else? 🎓

Exciting news!
I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be starting my journey as a student at computer science in Hamburg.
This new chapter will provide me with the opportunity to connect with new people who share my passion for software development. I’m eager to delve into subjects that I may have found less captivating while self-teaching at home. Higher education will expand my skillset and present me with exciting new challenges to conquer.



iOS Research & Tool Development

iOS research is a very specialized but very multifaceted work field. Besides using jailbreaks as a basis for diving into the iOS ecosystem, manual bootchain creation is also a possible way. Reverse engineer boot components to run on checkm8 devices as well as on A12+ prototypes.

Web- & API

I worked already on several PHP scripts, did WordPress Plugin modifications and also wrote my own APIs in Vapor (Swift). The use cases variated from e-commerce shops, backend for macOS Applications to Telegram bots for CRM purposes.

iOS & macOS App Development

Many of the toolkits I create are mac applications that interact with iDevices and have a close connection to iOS Research. I write my software primary in Objective-C and Swift.
A few projects can be found on my Github.

4 years


25 +







Public Projects


Open source syscfg editor & diags booting utility for idevices


Diags booting utility for Watches (comes with MAgicAWRT)

Becre Solutions

Homepage of BECRE Solutions, a social media marketing Agency

Fabulux Solutions

Homepage for Fabulux solutions, a web development agency



Social Media

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